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Minimal Disturbance Factor's sixth album 'All Fields Broken' was written and recorded in 2009. It has 9 tracks and is 47 minutes long.

It was mixed and mastered by Steven Carey in 2010.

All photographs were taken by Catherine Marois on Letrualt Farm in 2010.

'All Fields Broken' is available on CD in a hand-folded cardboard sleeve for £5.00.

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Listen to the full album right here, or head on over to Bandcamp to download it.

"A brumal homage to the boondocks."

"Without a slurred syllable in sight, the precise enunciation of every lyric lays All Fields Broken open like a musical strip mine of raw childhood memory and growth."

"It´s no surprise so many of the tracks are hearty odes to animals. What's surprising is that they are so enjoyable."

"Only an artist at the zenith of his creative confidence opens with a five-minute track about facial hair - and makes it sound like a profound spiritual quest. Cue the cringe of Robbie´s copycat stubble ballad next year."

"The wife and I have traditionally played carols - or The Snowman - on Christmas Day. Today we've changed things a little and had Minimal Disturbance's latest release more or less on repeat - even the guests are loving it."

"If you don´t consider All Fields Broken a top ten album of the year...then you should."

"Body is musically the finest track, the kenspeckle chorus reminiscent of acoustic standouts on previous albums. Doctor, a pleading mithridate, and Corn, a wistful paen of childish make-believe, are also for safekeeping."

Daniel Kirby

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