Minimal Disturbance Factor - A Short Story About The Sea

A Short Story About The Sea

The Mouth Of The River Opens Up To The Sea


The Captain Cannot See Through The Fog

Shipwrecked Sequence

i Adrift

ii Sinking Song

iii Slipping Under

iv The Rescue?

v Corranach


A Short Story About The Sea is a cautionary tale of the awesome power of water told through the medium of Minimal Disturbance Factor's almost unique brand of ambient music.

Best consumed in a darkened room through headphones turned up to 100% volume.

Released on 5 September 2012.

All composed by Alastair Black. Photography by Catherine Marois.

Listen to the full album right here, or head on over to Bandcamp to download it.


Our ‘cautionary tale of the awesome power of water’ rolls innocuously, through inland waterways, out of port, out to sea. Aural foreplay in the mere slug of languid movement and caterwaul of gulls. But if you’re reading up ahead, the track titles will give the gruesome game away as MDF shows there’s beauty to be had in disaster and tragedy.

Is this a tall, bearded Vladivostocker tanker captain on a rusting hulk, a chundering lunker of portable industry or a local lifelong seafarer, bird-dogging the horizon on a pee-wee trawler, nets asplay, a mote on the chopping corybantic white?

The haar reeling in and over. Out of focus lighthouse, we have a problem.

Wiredrawn ‘Shipwrecked Sequence’ forming the whalebone of the piece, coming in at a mountainous 27:59, its second half containing the most melodic tract. Oh wellaway! The sirens lament the loss. Buried at sea?

A fey voyage. A canorous kismet. A right fuckup in fog.

Daniel Kirby

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