Minimal Disturbance Factor - A Stranger's Wilderness

A Stranger's Wilderness

This May Be Your Final Chance To Say Goodbye

Sleep Well Wherever You Are Now My Friend

Little Wings

The Stars Are Burning Brightly But The Distance To Them Is Too Great

Escape To Wonder

Blood On The Fairground

Static Kinetic

Dead To The World

Minor Freeze

Empty Constant

Minimal Disturbance Factor's fourth album 'A Stranger's Wilderness' was created between January 2006 and January 2007, and mastered by Steven Carey between May and December 2007.

All sounds on the album were written, sampled, recorded, played and edited by Alastair Black in Dunoon, Edinburgh and Quebec City. Lead vocals on 'Little Wings' are by Alastair Black with backing vocals by Catherine Marois.

Listen to the full album right here, or head on over to the Internet Archive to download it for free.

"Album number four and stylistically, not much has changed since 'Accidental Blackspot'. And although the latter nudges the head-to-head on account of its superior track placement, the pure and earthy vein of that album has been preserved here in a very natural follow-up.

The wistful piano lament following the opening church bell peal is quite, quite beautiful and opens up what Minimal Disturbance Factor does best: a skidding palette of looping ambient drone, finely coated with layers of colourful warming melody. And like the prose of a top-notch writer, itís all shaped and pieced with guile and restraint: the collage of cloud formations on the record cover are a fine representation of the shimmering subtleties of hue and texture within the music itself.

Little Wings features hushed poetry and vocal harmonies against a shuddering backdrop of warping metallic sheets and once again MDF proves completely in control. Dead To The World is classical debris-drifting-in-space tranquillity, a soundscape that literally seems to go on forever...until Minor Freeze arrives, swiftly losing the listener in an endless succession of ice palace archways, only to suddenly emerge from the talons of this nightmare and return to a midwinter safe haven and final spring blossom.

The best electronic music is always greater than the collective noise of its components, and even with a sparing use of samples most of the tracks here feel like theyíre about something, rather than merely coating the wall. But what? Ailing hopes of new worlds or fading memories of our own? The further magical, eldritch quality is that most of the pieces arenít particularly memorable until that very precise juncture when they begin their wash over you again, making 'A Strangerís Wilderness' a long-lost journal of gorgeous privacy and isolation."

Daniel Kirby

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