Minimal Disturbance Factor - C-Sides


A collection of Minimal Disturbance Factor material not even good enough to make it as B-Sides, featuring poorly recorded rough cuts and worthless musical experiments. Youíd have to be a serious MDF geek to want to listen to this procession of dross.

A delightful rťsumť of Minimal Disturbance Factorís career to date, featuring never before heard material, alternate takes and collaborations. Serious MDF geeks will be salivating at the prospect of hearing this unmissable assortment of joy.

A Piss In The Rain

Could well predate Minimal Disturbance Factor but Iím crediting him with it anyway. Written and recorded in 2004, it recalls a particularly self-destructive night out on the town. Not autobiographical. Sterling acoustic guitar work and some brief harmonies.

There's A Psycho Mixing Hazardous Chemicals In My Bathroom

A real early treat here. Created in 2004 during the Distraction, Destruction, Desolation sessions, but never made the cut. One might reasonably ask why? A completely storming track. Headbanging electronica.

And Then It's Over

Another one from 2004 and another one featuring Minimalís lyrics and vocals. Iím not sure they have much meaning this time but I appreciate the sentiment. It features some rather lovely instrumentation but never managed to squeeze itself onto an album unfortunately.

The Cat Got Out

Jumping forward a couple of years now to a seminal 2007 reimagining of Minimal Disturbance Factorís very first track There's A Cat Trying To Get Out From Under The Stairs, by Minimal Disturbance Factor. Basically redoing himself with different instruments. Turn the volume up and listen intently.

Minimalise Your Face

Here we are with a track from 2007 again. This is Minimalís brief sojourn into minimal techno, glitch, click hop, microhouse or whatever you want to call it, with a phat bass line. Largely enjoyable, it actually featured on a Minimal Disturbance Factor sampler CD, no doubt immediately binned by several record companies on receipt.

All That Matters To Me Is The Number 970831304907129326009147409

A track created in 2008 now, which sees Minimal letting loose with some heavy beats. Available online for a number of months, this was a metacritics favourite that found itself consigned to the scrap heap that is Minimalís external hard drive instead of sitting proudly on one of the many hit albums. No 5s in there, strangely enough.


This was written on the bus home from work in 2009 and is a rather abstract tale of murder. Left off of All Fields Broken at the last minute, it features Minimalís only verifiable recording to date of the stylophone. It has a very unsettling nature, which deserves close attention.

Totally Lathered After A Night Of Absinthe, You Are Lying In A Pool Of Your Own Bile

This is filthy dirge. Minimal assumed an alter ego back in 2010, Subliminal Turbulence Factory and this was really his only piece of music. Thereís no point beating around the bush now though, this is Minimal Disturbance Factor. It sounds like a poor manís doom metal drone cover band. If you make it to the end youíve done well. A rewarding experience.

The Dog Who Lost His Bark

A collaboration with another electronic musician, although it has to be said that Minimal Disturbance Factor put in the lionís share of the work. The other electronic musician provided a piece heíd been working on back in 2009 and Minimal added some words, some guitar and the rest, before tinkering with it for ages. Finally completed at the end of 2010, itís a lyrically dark piece with a staunch quality to the music.

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