Minimal Disturbance Factor - Celestial Body

Celestial Body

Part 1 - We Held Our Hands Up To The Celestial Body And She Rewarded Us With A Display Of Awe-Inspiring Power And Intangible Beauty

Part 2 - We Are But A Fleeting Glimpse In The Eye Of Time But The Celestial Body Will Remain Beyond Time Itself

An ode to the sun. The most magnificent of all bodies in outer space.

Celestial Body was created by Minimal Disturbance Factor from a single sample captured using Steven Carey's binaural digital audio recorder.

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"The ode is to the Sun, but this could be the soundtrack to magnified molecular, or übermagnified subatomic activity; perhaps the sort of stuff that would have G1 Perceptor strutting and bending his metal pins at Autobot HQ, while Blaster and Jazz jive to the more traditional eighties beats. It’s a scratchy builder, swelling with semi-threatening robo-opera ejaculate, before the then-welcome space journey sets in - though more black hole entry than cryochamber relaxation."

Daniel Kirby

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