Minimal Disturbance Factor - Conception, Construction, Contemplation

Conception, Construction, Contemplation

Shimmering Sunlight On An Early Morning Sea

Rugbeastii On The Loose

It Takes A Long Time To Get Back Home

Beauty Illuminates The Mind

Eilean Dhiura Disturbed

A Night All Alone In The Pishin' Rain

An Icy Breeze Gently Caressing


Oblique Obscurity

Minimal Disturbance Factor's second album 'Conception, Construction, Contemplation' was written and recorded at home, in his bedroom, on PC, between May and December 2004.

Alastair Black played guitar on 'Shimmering Sunlight On An Early Morning Sea' and 'An Icy Breeze Gently Caressing The Skin'. Words on 'A Night All Alone In The Pishing Rain' written and spoken by Alastair Black.

Listen to the full album right here, or head on over to the Internet Archive to download it for free.

"Minimal Disturbance Factor returns with Conception, Construction, Contemplation, his second album this century. Measured and accomplished follow-up, or crudely pasted skin flaps from the cutting (bed)room floor? Like its predecessor, Distraction, Destruction, Desolation, CCC, is eight tracks of unfussy, highly-listenable, screech-free electronica. The sound moves – seams unashamedly split - from gnomes tinkering playfully on church organs to the hum ‘n’ drone factory output akin to Eluvium or Zoviet-France, but with the exception of the gloomy Eilean Dhiura Disturbed it remains warm, earthy and just the right side of optimistic. Melodic peaks include An Icy Breeze Gently Caressing The Skin and, more subtly, Beauty Illuminates the Mind but there's nothing that warrants skipping for reasons of quality or placement and the whole piece improves nicely upon standing and reheating. Oh, and for those who are interested in these kinds of things, there's even some secret bonus noise at the end.

Track titles are quirky (what the… are Rugbeastii On The Loose and why do they necessitate the irregular plural?) to the near-sarcastically vague (Shimmering Sunlight On An Early Morning Sea), but most feasibly act as the immediate portal to the world of the music itself: 2:57 minutes into the former evokes an image of thousands of the little critters springing forward at the same time to escape their cruel Persian master. Then, there's the recurring theme of being alone with the beauty of nature and at the mercy of changeable weather which has been carried over from DDD. A subjective grumble: it is rather one-paced, especially compared to MDF’s debut. Perhaps no bad thing for an artist whose very moniker suggests some kind of scientific sleep-aid experiment but you're sometimes left waiting for that explosion (even a silent one); instead the track progesses and concludes neatly according to its own template. Still, we await (with saliva) Minimal Distubance Factor's new electronic Christmas toys to make their mark. Let's hope we don’t wait as long for the next release..."

Daniel Kirby

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