Minimal Disturbance Factor - Glacial Movement

Glacial Movement

Ice melts very slowly.

Everything was created by Minimal Disturbance Factor except the photo which was taken by Sam Clark.

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"A stunning photo of a wall of ice which might no longer be with us. This is all happening faster than you think. Ice melts pretty quickly these days. Perhaps increase the speed? Anyhow, it should have been called Bowel Movement: a glorious ambient accompaniment to the bundle of joy edging slowly but surely through the anterior piping. But donít take my word for it: take those headphones in with you next time and see if you can eke out the velvet experience to the full fifty minute minutes. And thereís a video side dish to your cosy ritual cleansing: pretend youíre looking up at the sky and clouds as you are forced to perform to yourself in nature. Just donít flush your MP3 player down the yewy as I once did."

Daniel Kirby

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Last updated : 28/11/16