Minimal Disturbance Factor - I Laid Alone By The Sound Of Jura

I Laid Alone By The Sound Of Jura



The October Snowfall


Beinn an Ņir


Minimal Disturbance Factor's "I Laid Alone By The Sound Of Jura" was recorded between Monday 27th and Friday 31st October 2008.

All sounds on the album were recorded and played by Alastair Black on the island of Jura.

Listen to the full album right here, or head on over to Bandcamp to download it.

"An abandoned lodge. Hoary vegetation on crushed, dormant masonry. Sentinel statues gazing as oars dip and water laps. Cool rusted sanguine stone. The glower of under-fed ghosts in the nebulous gloaming. A plaintive bevy of birds, reduced in number and spirit. The egress to the mainland of the sapient against the will of those left behind. Something beautiful which can never come back. On a mere six simple songs."

Daniel Kirby

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