Minimal Disturbance Factor10

Minimal Disturbance Factor10

Dame Dans Les Nuages

With Spirit In Hand

The Modern Game


The Oncomer

Reflection, Refraction, Realisation

The Fate Of Calm Hands Is In The World Before Our Storm

Because It's Not Right And It's Not Fair But They Don't Care

His Song

The Seraph's Poison Tears

Minimal Disturbance Factor10 is the result of a project in which MDF invited submission of material from friends. Each of the 10 tracks was then created from, or based on, the submissions from 10 friends.

Listen to the full album right here, or head on over to Bandcamp to download it.

" The lights go out in your head, leaving two small beacons of red

What’s this ‘MDF to the power of ten’ gook then? Looks like the turret-based electrosexual has drafted in a c(r)ack squadron of some of his most fiercely acquainted for inspiration-slash-collaboration-stroke-bit-of-a-long-distance-ding-dong; ten pieces of questionably lopsided running times purported to have been inspired by individual submissions - art, music, spoken word - from said c(r)ackpots (you’d have to be).

The end output isn’t a weekend in orbit away from what MDF would have dutifully concocted and put out with his solo war engine - an increasingly dilettantish yet restrained phonic porn pantry, stickered under the now-familiar smugponce titles - but having ten alleged pals stump up their own flagpole may well have greased the creative process. Catchiness zenith is the snappy His Song - an unusually simple moniker likely misdirecting towards some kind of savoury bromance - whose clipped and stuttering builds are hazily reminiscent of that one-off Glissandro 70 effort from a decade ago. But there are comme il faut melodies all over the outlet. The beard-powered vocals are as restfully heartfelt as ever too, though I’ll leave You, The Listener to go any deeper into lyrical inference. Everything improves and gels with repeat listens: unwritten, you’re also required to listen to the album ten times all the way through before making any kind of evaluation. Just like I did.

Any missteps? As previously bitched, some of the tracks roll on longer than necessary to leave their mark. Might you be miffed to find ‘your’ entry dwarfed by that of a seemingly more favoured compadre? And while we’re in the grumblin’ mood, now seems as good a time as any to lament the lack of MDF live anywhere, any time soon. Get the gear out the dorm, Sir. A weather-permitting live show on the Royal Mile, just in time to rival the predictably predictable festival sphincter sauce. Get the fabled ten to guard the more valuable electronics as you draw in Aruban tourists. "

Daniel Kirby

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