Minimal Disturbance Factor - The Master

The Master

Movement 1: The Masterís Arrival Is Announced

Movement 2: The Master Makes A Mark
  Part 1: A Distant Organic Force
  Part 2: Drawing/Sinking

Movement 3: The Master Tries To Find A Path
  Part 1: Approaching With Trepidation
  Part 2: Within Touching Distance

Movement 4: The Masterís Troughs and Peaks
  Part 1: Blues Self-Pity
  Part 2: A Joyful Chorale Freedom

Movement 5: The Master Is Fading And Confused

Movement 6: The Master Knows The Time Is Coming

Movement 7: The Master Moves Beyond
  Part 1: Deathbed Finale
  Part 2: The Pipes Collapse

7 movements for 7 organs, inspired by the dream of Martin Allen.

Here is an extract from Martin's description of his dream, the inspiration behind the album:
"...Al takes to the organ performing a sort of hybrid Metallica effort. He then begins his piece "The Master", a jazz opus, that involves him climbing the organ pipes to access different keyboards on many different levels. Al is perturbed that he can't find the right notes, Andy unsympathetic that Al should just suck it up and be pleased to play such an impressive instrument."

The Master was written and recorded by Minimal Disturbance Factor using synthesised organs between May and October 2016. It was mastered by Andy Clark in March 2017. The artwork is by Martin Allen.

Martin dreamt of The Master on 16 April 2016. The Master was released on 16 April 2017.

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