Minimal Disturbance Factor - Toronto Montréal Québec

Toronto Montréal Québec

Morning Leaving Union Station

Pylons Rush By The Side Of Lake Ontario

Reflecting On What Was Left Behind In Toronto

Heavy Eyes With The Sounds Of The Track Rumbling Underneath

Le Coucher Du Soleil Rouge Dans Un Ciel Québecois

Toronto Montréal Québec, by Minimal Disturbance Factor, was recorded in 2010 and 2011 and released online on 11 March 2012

5 pieces of music over 48 minutes. A train journey from Toronto to Montréal to Québec.

All composed by Alastair Black. Photography by Alastair Black.

Listen to the full album right here, or head on over to Bandcamp to download it.

"Hey ho, Ambient Kids! MDF is back with another long-player of drifting space debris soundscapes, this time based around a real-life (though presumably not real-time) train journey through Canada’s East.

Goths, Rockers, Ravers. Easy enough to spot in a school playground. But how to pick out The Ambient Kid? Probably bearded from an early age. Wispy chin strands where possible. Gazing into nothingness from the back of the classroom?

The album itself is a dreamier, and occasionally darker, sample-free KLF - Chill Out.

Actually, it’s nothing like Chill Out. I don’t know why I said that. Lazy sap reviewing.

If you liked this or that album you’ll stroke and stoke your delighted half-man into this so-and-so without the ding dong meets blah-dee-blah with a bit of hoohah thrown in.

In any case it's all available for a measly coin (more, if you so choose). So no-one can accuse MDF of ripping off the fucking kids while they’ve been paying their hard-earned money to listen to the bands they would like to know about."

Daniel Kirby

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