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Urban Geography

Suburban Gentrification

Optimum Mass Transit System Efficiency

Inner City Percentile Decimation

Central Business District 5pm Comedown

Commuter Processing Unit

Bleeding Industrial Heritage

Green Belt Death Lament

Geography. A fascinating subject. It's all around us. Here, Minimal Disturbance Factor explores urban geography with 7 synthesised pieces inspired by metropolitan concepts.

Urban Geography was written and recorded by Minimal Disturbance Factor in 2016 and 2017. It was released on 10 September 2017.

Listen to the full album right here, or head on over to Bandcamp to download it.

"The name of the actual long-player from Minimal Disturbance Factor is Geography. Really it is a double album and the first album-side name is Rural Geography, what means the landscape. The name of the second album side is Urban Geography, this means in the city. While I became top school marks in geography (earth knowledge) at the school, I think am the perfect person to discuss about this album. It truly is a great music. If you donít believe me you must to listen to the album yourself like I have done this. I have exactly sat down and had a good engagement in the near of the speaker set or also one time with the ear-listeners. I donít understand the names of the songs but they are anyway all very good. The first song remembers me of a sad story in former times where the main character saves the village but dies on many wounds on the top of the body. Then he is thinking on his life when he dies. The persons in the village take care for him but at the end of the history he unfortunately dies. The next song is also very valuable but is a normally song. This side goes further with additional big numbers.

It gives also many other songs on the second side from the album which is named Urban Geography. I think, this is the stronger side from the album and maybe my favourite. The first song contains any noises that maybe have also used the german music-group Kraftwerk (power station) but fuller of happiness and energetic. I think, the second song has to do with the open transport system for the public, which, in my city is very punctually and is cheap. (If man buys a travelcard for one year it costs only the same as one Euro the day.) I shame myself to say, I have a little Angst from the third song, it is a gross number, maybe the grossest number from the whole. The following song is romantical (maybe see some person, very beautiful, in the metro?) and the one after this more quieter and relaxed. Last, not least, I like very much the ultimate track on this side which is a very passing way to end the album. It is a nerving melody, which tells that the artist is furious that nature is destroyed.

In order to conclude my critic, the album is much better than all kinds of Austrian pop music (Austropop), and specially more better than Austrian Ąfolk-popď (Schlager). It is gratefully not in the near of any of this musical forms. I have listened to this album already three times and each time it is getting better. I listen to a fourth time now and my feelings are full from emotion. I wish I would be able to make music like this.

Greetings, Minimal Disturbance, from Wien, Austria!"

Daniel Kirby

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