Minimal Disturbance Factor - Woolen




We Wonder If You Will Remain

I Know Not What This All Means To You

Unconscious Thought Of A Long Forgotten Memory In A Place You Have Never Been

The Fields Have Been Bare For Years

Leave Me Beside

Footsteps Beyond The Horizon

Minimal Disturbance Factor's fifth album 'Woolen' was created in 2007 and 2008, and mastered by Steven Carey in September 2008.

All sounds on the album were written, sampled, recorded, played and edited by Alastair Black in Scotland. Vocals are by Alastair Black. Backing vocals are by Catherine Marois.

Photography and artwork by Catherine Marois and Alastair Black.

'Woolen' is available on CD for 3.00.

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Listen to the full album right here, or head on over to Bandcamp to download it.

"Edinburgh's premiere online busker is no sluggard, that's for certain. A fifth studio album in as many years and MDF takes his place as one of the most prolific electronic artists operating the independent scene.

As with recent previous efforts, the vocal tracks stand out from the musical melange: unabashed odes to family and memory, the lament of loss and reflections of what-if. With raw lyrics of exposed nerve-ends to the backing of warped accordions and sounding brazenly Scottish to the core, Still opens the album with MDF's most personal moments yet. Leave Me Beside, complete with catchy harmony, runs through the same vein of lachrymose moments lingering hard in the memory of its owner. Meanwhile, The Fields Have Been Bare For Years, a tender piano piece of nature-worship, and Footsteps From Beyond The Horizon, which descends into a chthonic maze, are the instrumental standouts.

Slipping momentarily away from the hired claque, are other parts of the phantasmagoria - perhaps as a result of the prolific output - retreading the ground of previous releases? There's certainly a feeling of repletion, as though you've visited this part of ambient space before. This is MDF's bailiwick, but maybe he's been lingering here too long, the musical peregrination having reached a crossroads and chosen the path that circles in on itself.

But never one to follow the road to hubris, MDF is getting wiser with each output, and this sapient approach means that the album never takes a false stride. He's also opening up emotionally to his listeners, virtually unique for an artist in his musical field."

Daniel Kirby

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